Clinical Trial Center (National Taiwan University Hospital)



        In recent years, the biotechnology development has always been the first priority for the national health care industry in Taiwan. However, as the most critical step in new drug development, human clinical trials in Taiwan have faced the bottleneck for the past few years because of the complexity and high costs.

        In order to encourage the development of biotechnology industry and make up for the gap of downstream supply chian in new drug development process, National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) established the "National Center of Excellence for Clinical Trial and Research" in 2005 in response to the "Biotech Takeoff Diamond Action Plan" from the Executive Yuan, Republic of China (Taiwan) and played the leading role of biotechnology industry R&D and clinical implementation in Taiwan.
        After focusing on innovative research and development strategies in clinical trials for these years, we have built a great clinical research environment and operating system, achieving distinctive results in doing new drug clinical trial research. In 2011, we won the 1st National Industrial Innovation Award in Taiwan. Besides, many international biotechnological pharmaceutical companies and clinical trial companies cooperated with NTUH to establish R&D centers in Taiwan because of the recognition for our innovative strategies and distinctive results. Combining global leading positions of international pharmaceutical companies in treatment areas of different diseases, our collaborations speed up new drug clinical research, benefiting patients around the world.

        We conduct about 600 new drug clinical trials each year, including more than 40 new drug Phase I trials, including more than 40 international clinical trials. We hold positions of principal investigators and members of steering committee for international clinical trials. Now NTUH plays a leading role of clinical trials and research in the Asia Pacific Region and makes great contribution in the development and innovation of the biotechnology industry in Taiwan.