Clinical Trial Center (National Taiwan University Hospital)

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Clinical Trial Center

Our center assists in managing NTUH clinical trials. We have full-time attending physician and professional administrators to provide services including reviewing clinical trial contract and billing that assists in managing the budget of clinical trials for NTUH. We also provide project counselling, funding, research nurses to researchers to initiate clinical trials, and clinical trial quality assurance. We regularly hold seminars and training courses to increase the quality of local clinical trials in Taiwan, and training future international leaders in clinical trials.

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Clinical Trial Specialized Ward and Interview Area

Given the importance and difficulty of Phase I clinical trials, the clinical trial specialized ward of this center focuses on running these trials, especially first-in-human phase I clinical trials and first-in-Asia phase I clinical trials. All medical staff working in this clinical trial ward fully acknowledge all clinical trials running to maintain trial quality.

NTUH also has a clinical trial interview area, which specializes in service for the healthy study subjects so that they can participate clinical trials in an undisturbed environment.

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Pharmacogenomics Lab, certified with Medical laboratory accreditation (ISO15189)

This professional pharmacogenomics testing laboratory was established based on the requirements for clinical trials and translational research. It has completed facilities; its laboratory facility, documentation, personnel, and management quality are all certified by the ISO15189 accreditation.

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Investigational Drug Service Center

All clinical investigational drugs, regardless of whether they are organized by the trial committee or initiated by researchers, are managed by the Investigational Drug Service Center. It provides investigational drugs inventory, preparation, management, and control services so that the quality of drug management during the drug trial is guaranteed. The Investigational Drug Service Center processes around 100 new cases of drug clinical trials each year, processing in total more than 400 drug clinical trial cases. We provide about 150 pieces of investigational drugs information to increase the safety of new drug study subjects.