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     ​National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) Human Research Protection (HRP) Center was established in November 2011. The center is designated to collaborate with Human Research Protection Advisory Committee, Research Ethics Committee, Department of Medical Research, Clinical Trial and Research Center, and Clinical Trial Pharmacy, and aim to protect the rights and welfare of the human research subjects.

     As the first institution in Taiwan to receive full AAHRPP accreditation in December 2012, NTUH has taken on the role of HRPP leader and strives to further the use of HRPPs in the Asia-Pacific region. NTUH is committed to encouraging other research institutions in the region to set up HRPPs or improve existing HRPPs. NTUH received full AAHRPP re-accreditation in December 2015. NTUH continues to support the HRPP's ongoing efforts to manage and improve human research protection. ​


 ​                   NTUH Human Research Protection Program Team 

                                                       (NTUH Human Research Protection Program Team)


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