Title Year Authors Journal Volume/Issue/Pages
Title Reusable tissue-mimicking hydrogel phantoms for focused ultrasound ablation Year 2015 Authors Ming-Kuan Sun, Jay Shieh, Chia-Wen Lo, Chuin-Shan Chen, Ben-Ting Chen, Chang-Wei Huang*, Wen-Shiang Chen* Journal Ultrasonics Sonochemistry Volume/Issue/Pages Accepted, 10/7/2014
Title Enhancement of the cytotoxicity and selectivity of doxorubicin to hepatoma cells by synergistic combination of galactose-decorated γ-poly(glutamic acid) nanoparticles and low-intensity ultrasound Year 2014 Authors Wei-Bor Tsai*, Hsin-Yu Lai, Jyun-Lin Lee, Chia-Wen Lo, Wen-Shiang Chen* Journal Langmui Volume/Issue/Pages 30(19): 5510-7
Title Acrylic acid controlled reusable temperature-sensitive hydrogel phantoms for thermal ablation therapy Year 2014 Authors Shieh J., Chen S.R., Chen G.S., Lo C.W., Chen C.S., Chen B.T., Sun M.K., Huang C.W.*, Chen W.S.* Journal Applied Thermal Engineering Volume/Issue/Pages 62(2): 322–329
Title Tertiary-amine functionalized polyplexes enhanced cellular uptake and prolonged gene expression Year 2014 Authors Lo C.W., Chang Y., Lee J.L., Tsai W.B., Chen W.S.* Journal Plos One Volume/Issue/Pages 14;9(5):e97627
Title Ultrasound enhanced PEI-mediated gene delivery through increasing the intracellular calcium level and PKC-δ protein expression Year 2014 Authors Lee JL, Lo CW, Inserra C, Béra JC, Chen WS* Journal Pharmaceutical Research Volume/Issue/Pages 2014 Mar 13. [Epub ahead of print]
Title A study of latent heat effects in temperature profiles and lesion formation Year 2014 Authors Jen-Chieh Wang, Jay Shieh, Ben-Ting Chen, Chang-Wei Huang*, Wen-Shiang Chen*, Chuin-Shan Chen Journal International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer Volume/Issue/Pages 71:285-94, 2013
Title Monitoring and control of inertial caviation activity for enhancing ultrasound transfection: the SonInCaRe project Year 2014 Authors Inserra C., Labelle P., Loughian C.D., Lee J.L., Fouqueray M., Ngo J., Poizat A., Desjouy C., Munteanu B., Lo C.W., Vanbelle C., Rieu J.P., Chen W.S., Bera J.C.* Journal IRBM Volume/Issue/Pages 35(2): 94-99
Title Stabilizing in vitro ultrasound-mediated gene transfection by regulating cavitation Year 2014 Authors Chia-Wen Lo, Cyril Desjouy, Shing-Ru Chen, Jyun-Lin Lee, Claude Inserra, Jean-Christophe Béra*, Wen-Shiang Chen* Journal Ultrasonics Sonochemistry Volume/Issue/Pages 21(2): 833–839
Title Ultrasound thermal mapping based on a hybrid method combining physical and statistical models Year 2014 Authors Ben-Ting Chen, Jay Shieh, Chang-Wei Huang*, Wen-Shiang Chen*, Shing-Ru Chen, Chuin-Shan Chen Journal Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology Volume/Issue/Pages 40(1):115-129
Title Pulsed ultrasound promotes melanoblast migration through upregulation of macrophage colony-stimulating factor/focal adhesion kinase 2 autocrine signaling and paracrine mechanisms Year 2013 Authors Yi-Hua Liao, Yu-Ting Huang, Jhu-Yun Deng, Wen-Shiang Chen*, Shiou-Hwa Jee* Journal Pigment Cell Melanoma Research Volume/Issue/Pages 26(5):654-665