Title Year Presenters Conference Oral/Poster
Title US-guided musculoskeletal diagnosis and injections for pain management (invited) Year 2014 Presenters 王亭貴 Conference 2nd Asian Confress on Pain (AAFPS2014, Taipei, Taiwan) Oral/Poster Oral
Title Ultrasound-mediated gene transfection and drug delivery (invited) Year 2013 Presenters 陳文翔 Conference ISPRM (Beijing, China) Oral/Poster Oral
Title Enhancement of ultrasound-facilitated gene ransfer using nanoparticles (invited) Year 2014 Presenters 陳文翔 Conference ACUCI 2014 (Yokohama, Japan) Oral/Poster Oral
Title Platelet Rich Plasma in Musculosceleta Year 2014 Presenters 陳文翔 Conference PIT PERDOSRI (Yogyakarta, Indonesia) Oral/Poster Oral