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Hui-Ling Chen

Associate Research Fellow



Fields of specialty

Hepatic cell biology

Hepatic progenitor cell biology

Cell transplantation and liver repopulation


Current Position

Associate Research Fellow, Hepatitis Research Center, National

Taiwan University Hospital, 1988-



B.S.   1973-1977, Department of Biology, Tunghai University.

Ph.D. 1980-1988, Department of Pathology, School of Medicine,

Kobe University, Japan.


Research interest

Establishment and application of liver disease in animal models of cell-based therapy is an important research direction in recent years. In addition to addressing the effectiveness of cell transplantation therapy, but also explore the impact of cell transplantation and liver reconstruction mechanism.

The molecular mechanism underlying the activation, proliferation and bipotential differentiation into hepatocytes or cholangiocytes of adult liver progenitor cells.