Our New Hand Hygiene Campaign Video

In today's world of globalization, pathogens can rapidly spread beyond borders. However, as advocated by the World Health Organization (WHO), we can easily protect our health with a simple practice – "SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands". National Taiwan University Hospital has actively promoted its hand hygiene program since 2004 to prevent the transmission of pathogens. To celebrate the 2014 World Hand Hygiene Day on May 5, we have produced a brand new hand-hygiene campaign video in different languages, including Chinese, English, Japanese, French, Indonesian, and Vietnamese. We are hoping, with promotional video made in the familiar language of our patients and their caregivers, who may have come from different countries, all of us can better understand the guidelines for hand hygiene in order to prevent infection.

Are you interested in our new video campaign? Please search YouTube for "National Taiwan University Hospital Hand Hygiene" starting May 5, 2014. 

2014 NTUH Hand Hygiene Video Compaign (English Version)   (Warning: You are leaving the NTUH website!)