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FAQ of NTUH International Medical Services

Q1For foreigners, how can I arrange an outpatient visit to NTUH?

A1For foreigners who have Taiwan National Health Insurance (NHI), the appointment can be made through general outpatient registration. For those who do not have NHI, they can still make the appointment through general outpatient registration, or through NTUHs International Medical Service Center.

Q2What nationalities are qualified to use the International Outpatient Clinic?

A2People who have foreign passports and waive the rights of using NHI are all qualified to use international medical services.

Q3How can I make an appointment at International Outpatient Clinic?

A3Please contact International Medical Service Center via phone at 886-2-2356-2900 or via email at

Q4For overseas patients, how can I ask for international medical services?

A4Overseas patients can send local medical records, summary, examination reports and images by email or airmail to our International Medical Service Center. Once the patients medical information is received, our staff will be able to contact the appropriate specialists to pre-evaluate the patients condition. When the patients case is approved for treatment or medical procedures in our hospital, we will reply to the patient or family and give the information about the medical fees, duration of the hospitalization and length of stay in Taiwan. If above information is accepted by the patient, we will contact the patient for further treatment processes.

Q5Do you receive patients who have insurance coverage?

A5If the foreign patients insurance companies have a contract with NTUH, then the patients can ask their insurance companies to issue the guarantee of payment for their medical services without paying medical fees, however this excludes services that are not covered by the insurance companies. If the patients insurance companies do not have a contract with NTUH, the patients have to pay the medical fees first, and claim their paid amounts to their insurance companies with the medical receipts.

Q6:Do I have a choice as to which doctor to see?

A6Typically international patients are referred to a doctor in the relevant department based on the doctors' schedules and availability upon your arrival. If you have a particular doctor in mind please inform us and we may check the schedule, however you may have to plan your trip according to that particular doctor's availability.

Q7What about transportation to & from the hospital?

A7With Taipei being a densely populated metropolitan city, there are many forms of transportation available to you during your stay. The most convenient form of travel may be Taipei Metropolitan Rapid Transit System, or MRT. It is a subway system with many convenient stations throughout the city one being right outside NTUH and it is relatively easy to navigate. There are also many public bus lines as well. Taxis are also widely available and very convenient, however these are more expensive than the MRT or bus.

Q8Where is the best place to convert US dollars?

A8Generally the best place to convert US dollars in Taiwan would be to go to a bank here in the city. Some hotels also offer currency exchange services. For convenience purposes you can exchange you money upon arriving at Taipei Taoyuan International Airport, however the fee for exchanging currency there may be higher.

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