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1.     Emergency Service:


   Focusing on the treatment of emergent psychiatric problems, our Emergency Service is incorporated in the Emergency Department of NTUH. Attending psychiatrists in Division of General Psychiatry take charge of our Emergency Psychiatric Service and have regular supervision on the senior residents in training program.


2.     Outpatient Service:


   Our outpatient service consists of two divisions, one for adults aged 16 or older at the first floor of the Psychiatric Building, and the other for children and adolescents aged 18 or younger at the 4th floor of the Children’s Hospital. First visitors are individually examined in separate clinic rooms. For each first visitor, comprehensive assessments from different aspects are provided, including psychological, biological, familial, and socio-cultural, which usually take one hour or more. Meanwhile, clinical services, in addition to psychiatrist’s care, are also provided with multiple disciplines, including nurses, clinical psychologists, social workers, and occupational therapists.    This kind of team approach gives our patients a thorough mental and psychosocial evaluation and adequate psychological support. The final goal of above-mentioned assessments is to elaborate a thorough, diverse, and patient-centered treatment plan for each patient. There are also consulting services for rehabilitation program and family care at our outpatient clinic. Moreover, we open the Special Clinic of Thoughts/Perceptions disturbances, the very first innovative clinic in Taiwan (may be in Asia). This special clinic is for the referral of patients with suspected early psychosis.


3.     Inpatient Service:


   We perform comprehensive psychiatric and functional evaluations for each acute psychiatric patient. Our aim is to provide patients with safe and immediate psychiatric treatment, improving their condition, elaborating individualized program for rehabilitation, and finally helping them return to the community.


4.     Day Hospital Service:


   We provide chronic psychiatric patients with regular daily activities, practices of basic life skills, and social and occupational training. Our aim is to help those patients return to the community and have good opportunities for continuous rehabilitation.          


5.     Community Psychiatry:


   Two kinds of home visit services are provided for patients with chronic psychiatric disorder and preschoolers with autism. For patients with psychiatric disorders, we evaluate the patients’ needs of daily life and provide family the psycho-education about appropriate interaction with the patients. For preschoolers with autism, home-based training is provided by therapists. The other service is to help patients get the jobs, including evaluation or training of occupational ability and consultation, transfer or guidance of sheltered working, etc.


6.     Psychiatric Consultation Service:


   For patients’ best treatment, we provide consultation-liaison service to our colleagues of the other departments. Besides, we provide psychiatric assessment of organ transplantation and liaison consultation, not only for a smooth process of organ transplantation but also the mental health care for donors and recipients.


7.     Forensic Psychiatry:


   We provide forensic psychiatric service for child and adult patients not only to help the Judiciary dealing with related legal affairs but to assure human rights of litigants.


8.     Mental Health Promotion:


   In order to assure mental health of the general public, enhance the stress tolerance and resilience process, make a good life in the world and prevent psychiatric diseases, we provide service of mental health promotion and empower programs in the public circle.








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