Education & Training    

  Quality improvement is through the continuously cycle of PDCA (plan-do-check-act) and in the expectancy to reach the purpose of quality enhancement. In order to reach the goal, the process needs to rely on a variety of expertise and cooperation within the group. Hence, the responsibility is not only belongs to a small number of workers but all staff.

  The educational training of quality management enables all the staff to understand more about the concept of quality management, the purpose of quality improvement, other available resources or tools, and how to use those tools to reach the setting goals.

  Center of quality management invites doctors and nurses within the hospital and medical quality experts outside the hospital to have quality management and patient safety lectures for colleagues. It aims to help the staff establish the concept of quality management and shape the quality culture of the hospital.

  The courses include three dimensions: patient safety, medical quality, and customer relationship.

  It mainly focuses on introducing the principles and applications of quality management, and introduces related management tools and methods, making the staff practically use in patient service.​