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Since 1987, the Medical Quality Review Committee has been responsible for promoting medical quality management. In 1994, the quality control personnel were set up to help promote the clinical pathway and the quality control business of the whole hospital. In order to integrate the quality management work of the hospital and promote patient safety and complete medical quality management.

Quality Management Center was established in January 2002 with the ideals of patient-centered care that ensures consistent product and service. Management activities implement quality planning and control. Our goals include clinical quality improvement and patient safety to adapt to the development of new technologies, medicines, and treatments in the medical industry.

The center is responsible for quality related affairs and can be separated into 3 categories:

1. Medical Quality Management

2. Patient Safety

Patient safety emphasizes the prevention of errors and adverse effects to patients associated with health care.

3. Patient Service




1.Medical Quality Management

(1)Integrate and coordinate affairs related to quality management.

(2)Setting quality indicators and continuous quality improvement.

(3)Establish related standards.

(4)Quality evaluation and accreditation.

(5)Quality education activities.

(6)Quality improvement activities.

(7)Quality related statistical data.

​(8)Quality information publication.

(9)Shared decision making (SDM).


2.Patient Safety

(1)Incident Report System.


(3)Standardized operation procedure of invasive procedures.

(4)Patient identification.

(5)Clinical alarm system(CAS).


3.Patient Service

(1)Patient satisfaction.

(2)Patient relations (complaints and compliments).


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