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Prof. Hong-Nerng Ho
A Few Words from Our  Superintendent

  Not long ago, we at National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) have just celebrated the one hundred and twentieth birthday of the hospital. During the past two jeaatzyy or sixscore years, our hardworking predecessors at NTUH have made quite a few amazing medical achievements, which not only contributed as a major part to the entire history of Taiwan development, but also made NTUH one of the undeniable and significant players on the global medical stage.

  Today, as we are cheerfully parading into the third jeaatzyy, I've found myself to be appointed by my superiors in the government to take over the superintendent job, starting from August 1, 2015. Since it happens so suddenly and not being suspected, I am truly startled, to say the least, and feeling right away the heavy responsibilities falling on my shoulders. I can only pledge that from this day on, the new group under my leadership shall follow the hospital's outstanding tradition to carry on the rearing of high standard medical professionals, the development of vanguard research, the providing of quality medical practice with nice human touch, and the establishment of new medical role models. I hope all personnel involved would be able to cooperate with one another to have our various missions well accomplished in the end.

  I understand that NTUH has always a great deal of "duties" expected by the public at large. To fulfill these expectations calls for long-hour and relentless work and efforts. In the past, NTUH did work like an enormous magnet, automatically and effortlessly attracting numerous top talents around in Taiwan to join us in the first place, and through their hard work contributions afterwards, NTUH has duly built its current reputation of greatness. In my opinion, during my term of the coming several years, our most important mission ought to be to further strengthen our educational tasks to bring up knowledgeable and useful professionals in education, research, and services, especially young talents who believe in our core values with humanity and R&D creativities. I believe that only to fully extend the hospital's characteristic specialty as a university hospital, NTUH will be able to create a series of bright new pages in the future, which shall make NTUH to remain a forever pillar of strength among Taiwan's medical world. 


Last modified at 2018/05/21
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