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 Academic Research

     During these few years, the education and academic research of dermatology in National Taiwan University Hospital has become more comprehensive. This should   give credit to those doctors who have developed their researches in their various subspecialties; as well as the establishment of various special outpatient clinics. 

     In 1950, Professor Yao-Ching, Liu specified his research on mycology and dermatological surgery. Apart from venereal diseases, fungal diseases were the second most important dermatosis. Professor Liu was the most famous person in Taiwan’s dermatology discipline after Professor Dun-Ko, Chen. He entered the dermatology-urology department in National Taiwan University Hospital as soon as he graduated from the medical college of National Taiwan University in 1948. He was promoted as the professor in dermatology at the age of 39 in 1964. He served as the chairman in dermatology for two successions-- from 1972 to 1975 and from 1985 to 1989. In 1960, he went to Duke University in USA for a year to further his education in medical mycology under Professor Canant. In 1977, he obtained his PhD degree in medical mycology from Tohoku University, Japan. Professor Liu also had great achievements in terms of cryotherapy, dermabrasion, and plastic surgery. He had published a paper on mesh graft in Japanese journal. His publication was one year in advance than Tanner’s paper on mesh graft. After Professor Liu, doctor Shiou-Hwa, Jee, Doctor Ming-Duo, Chuan, Doctor Chi-Chen, Choung, and Doctor Guang-Xiang, Hsiao also participated in the research of mycology. The research and service of this specialty is currently in charge by Doctor Yee-Hua, Liao. 

     With the assistant of the pathology department of Duke University, USA in 1951, Dermatopathology has been introduced to National Taiwan University Hospital. This has made a great contribution on refining our clinical services and our scope of teaching. Doctor Der-Gin, Hsu was in charge of dermatopathology; therefore, tissue processing and staining, pathological examination were performed by him. He was also in charge of giving out pathology report. Doctor Der-Gin, Hsu was later specialized in urology, and his work was taken over by Doctor Su-Bo, Yieh (currently the vice professor of dermatology in National Taiwan University). Doctor Yieh studied dermatopathology in USA.  He was in charge of the dermatopathology subdivision and also the acne special clinic. This clinic can be regarded as the vanguard of the cosmetic dermatology in Taiwan and until now it has been running for more than 30 years. Doctor Yieh has a comprehensive medical database for acne patients from this special clinic.

    In the early years, surgery in dermatology encompassed plastic surgery, such as repair of cleft lip, cleft palate, etc. The famous surgeons were Professor Liu and Doctor Jun-An, Hsu (the chairman in plastic surgery in Taipei Jen-Ai Hospital and the adjunct attending physician of dermatology in Taiwan National University Hospital), Doctor Chi-Ching, Wu, Doctor Zu-Yee, Zhuang, and Doctor Ying-Chun, Wu. In 1987, Doctor Zhao-Shu, Chen was in charge of the dermatological surgery. Doctor Zhong-Ren, Tseng joined the dermatological surgery research group in 1995. This research has now well established and highly organized. Dermatology has entered the era of laser since the advent of CO2 Laser and Argon Laser in1986. 1994 was the era of Intense Pulse Light Laser, and Q-Switch Ruby Laser was adopted for the treatment of pigmentation disorder. Erbium-YAG Laser was also introduced afterwards for dermabrasion. Dye Laser was used for the treatment of vascular lesions. New lasers specific for hair removal and facial rejuvenation were scheduled to be launched in 2001. With such complete collection of laser equipment, our department would definitely provide better service and offer comprehensive treatment modalities to the patients.

     The immunological research of in dermatology department in National Taiwan University Hospital was one of the top research disciplines at that time. In 1972, Vice President Jau-Shiong, Deng (currently a professor in the University of Pittsburgh, USA ) established a research laboratory in immunology, which was the leader in clinical research in immunology in National Taiwan University. In 1982, Professor Ying-Chun, Wu went to France to study immunology for one year and he continued his research in dermato-immunology upon his return. The report on ANA, intercellular substance antibody, anti-basement membrane zone antibody, etc. were all from our dermato-immunology lab. Dermato-immunology is now in charge by Doctor Li-Fang, Wang (the lecturer of dermatology in he school of medicine, National Taiwan University; also a PhD in microbiology). In 1992, she established a outpatient special clinic for atopic dermatitis to provide clinical service. She has also conducted many researches on atopic dermatitis. 

     There has been a close relationship between psychiatry and dermatology. There were several researches on psycho-cutaneous disorders collaborated by Dr. Jun-Xiang, Choung, a Vice Professor in dermatology; and Dr. Ming-Been Lee, a professor in psychiatry. The special psychocutaneous dermatosis outpatient clinic on each Friday was established since 1982. The aim is to teach a “holistic approach” in dermatology-- not only “treating diseases”, but also treating the “person”. This approach is often ignored in other dermatology departments. Apart fron this, Dr. Jun-Xiang, Choung has studied electron microscopy in Tokyo University, Japan in 1987, and he was thus in charge of the electron microscopic examination of skin specimens.

     In terms of contact dermatitis and occupational dermatosis, they are also well developed in dermatology department. Vice Professor Chee-Ching Sun is in charge of our contact dermatitis and occupational dermatosis special clinic. Dr. Sun went to New York University in 1971 for further education. In 1973, she worked in the dermatology and leprosy hospital in Singapore. She later joined National Taiwan University Hospital. In addition, she went to the Oregon University, USA in 1985 as well as the St. John’s hospital in London University, UK in 1986 to further specialize in contact dermatitis in. In 1978, the outpatient special clinic was established. She has the most complete clinical database in contact dermatitis and occupational dermatosis. Now this special clinic is in charged by Dr. Hsuan-Hsiang Chen and Dr. Chia-Yu Chu, providing thourough and complete clinical service.

     The first person who has a PhD degree in clinical medicine in our department is Professor Shiou-Hwa, Jee (graduated from the graduate school in clinical medicine in 1991), and she specializes in dermatopathology, occupational dermatosis, and mycology. She currently conducts researches on molecular biology and she has many publications in each specialty. The treatment for vitiligo was first in charged by Doctor Ying-Chun, Wu and then followed by Doctor Li-Fang, Wang. They also established the outpatient special clinic for suction blister and skin grafting treatment. Professor Shiou-Hwa, Jee and Doctor Cheng-Fang, Tsai continued to do the research on PUVA treatment and melanocyte transplant for vitiligo patients, and at the same time, they also participate in the genetic study of vitiligo patients. 

     As to the most difficult subject--pediatric dermatology and consultation dermatology, Vice Professor Hsian-Ching, Chiu specializes in these areas. The consultation requests for dermatology used to be only few in numbers, but had increased tremendously since Dr. Chiu became the physician in charge of consultation. The credit for this progress should be given to Dr. Chiu. He has solved many difficult and complicated cases. The residents willoften  see the consultation patients first, but they will consult and discuss with Dr. Chiu on difficult cases or cases in pediatric dermatology. Dr. Chiu also specializes in hair research. He was a researcher in Stanford University, USA. 

     Doctor Cheng-Fang, Tsai specializes in the research of cutaneous lymphoma and cutaneous physiology. After the skin physiology laboratory was set up in the outpatient clinic in 1995, the research on cutaneous physiology has made considerable progress. Apart from this, he is our primary specialist in psoriasis. 

     The outpatient special clinic for acne has been running for more than 20 years.  It was established by Dr. Su-Bo, Yieh; after he finished his study in USA.  The clinic has benefited the patients greatly.  After Dr. Yieh retired, Dr. Yan-Liang, Chen and Dr.Bi-Fen, Lai took over his responsibility. They also introduced cosmetic procedures such as chemical peeling and laser dermabrasion in conjunction to conventional treatment. They have revolutionized the scope of acne treatment and have made great contribution to enhancing our quality of clinical services.