We are currently focusing on the integration of traditional dermatology with new computer and laser technology, using the most subjective diagnostic instruments and photodynamic and phototherapeutic modalities. With the cooperation of other clinical departments in the hospital, we are aiming to shoulder the best dermatology departments in university hospitals.
Complete selection of special clinics
We provide a variety of special clinics. Apart from the traditional general clinics which offer management of general dermatology conditions, there are many special clinics which provide exquisite services and surveillance.
The special clinics include
Acne special clinic
Pigmentary disease special clinic
Acne scar revision and Aesthetic special clinic
Contact dermatitis special clinic
Psoriasis special clinic
Immunologic disease special clinic
Fungal infection and other infectious disease special clinic
Atopic dermatitis special clinic
Pediatric dermatology special clinic
Inpatient services   
We are located at the A tower on the 15th floor in the NTU hospital. The inpatient ward provides services for patients with all kinds of skin diseases.
Dermatologic and aesthetic medical services  
We emphasize on the total care of patients, offering aesthetic and dermatology services including special clinics on contact dermatitis, pigmented lesions, cosmetic surgery, cosmetic consultation, and therapeutic modalities ranging from laser, intense pulse light laser, chemical peeling, microcrystal dermabrasion, iontophoresis,  sonophoresis and botulinum toxin injections.
Treatment and diagnostic instruments   
*  A variety of phototherapeutic instruments:
    1. Broadband UVB
    2. Narrowband 311nm UVB
    3. Hand and foot phototherapy 
    4. Psoracomb
    5. High-energy local phototherapy
    6. Bluepoint phototherapy 
    7. UVA phototherapy 
    8. photodynamic therapy 
    9. XTRAC laser (testing)
*  A variety of phototherapeutic instruments:
    1.  Ruby laser  
    2. Er-Yag laser
    3. Dye laser
    4. CO2   laser 
    5. dermabrasion
    6. IPL
*  Physiologic measurements and image analysis system
*  Doppler analysis of microcirculation anomalies for systemic diseases such
    as circulatory disturbances, diabetes mellitus, autoimmune diseases
*  Phototherapeutic and diagnostic modalities including low-, medium-, and
    high-energy laser, photodynamic therapy, diagnosis and management of
    microcirculation disturbance.
*  Objective evaluation system for
    cosmetic product and aging process:
    patch test, skin physiology and image
*  Evaluation of occupational skin
    diseases: patch test, photopatch test,
    skin physiology and image analysis
*  Treatment for pigmentary disorder
     and melanoma.
*  Possible future cooporation with the National Institute of Health to     
    establish  verification laboratory for cosmetic products and
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