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1) Cultivate future leaders and foster advanced research in the Emergency Medicine

2) Provide state-of-the-art care to those with acute illness 

3) Reform the health care system in Taiwan


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The Department of Emergency Medicine was established in August, 1994. It was the first emergency department among the medical colleges in Taiwan.

The purpose of establishing the Department was to promote quality of care, research and teaching in the fields of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine. After two decades, the Department grew to more than 20 faculty members. The research area expanded beyond general Emergency Medicine, including Resuscitation Medicine, Traumatology, Clinical Toxicology, Emergency Medical Services, Ultrasonography, and Disaster Medicine. Many faculty members have Public Health background and are involved in the government health administration to serve as consultants or officers in health care system regarding the fields of Emergency Medicine. The vision of the Department is to lead the teaching and research of Emergency Medicine in Taiwan and provide first rate service to the patients with acute and critical illness.

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 Welcome to the Dept. of Emergency Med. in NTUH

Department of Emergency Medicine

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Chair: Cheng-Chung Fang

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