HIV/AIDS and Drug Addiction Disease Management Team

The HIV/AIDS team is a professional nursing team with extensive experience in HIV/AIDS care and drug addiction cases. Our main services include those HIV/AIDS or drug addiction cases that have been treated or hospitalized in this hospital, and related medical personnel who care for HIV/AIDS or drug addiction cases.
We provide professional assistance for clinician followers, including how to take care of themselves, how to take care of their own health knowledge and skills, how to take cocktail medications, and how to inform family members or sexual partners of this disease, etc.

If someone needs to refer to social service agencies, resettlement agencies, half-way homes, or HIV/AIDS baby Caring Center, etc., we will take the initiative to provide them. In addition, we also help the families of HIV-infected people to learn about the crisis in this diagnosis so that they can understand how to take care of daily life, emotions, and relationships of HIV/AIDS cases at home.

In addition, in the case of drug addiction, we assist drug addicts to overcome withdrawal symptoms of drug addiction and refer services for alternative treatment when needed. At the same time, we teach drug addicts how to safely inject drugs, avoid drug overdose, and provide specialized safe education for drug use. Since HIV/AIDS and drug addiction are all problems associated with the life of a case, we also provide professional services for long-term case management. After discharge, we continue to provide case-specific professional care, necessary social service referrals, and related service organizations.
Due to our deep understanding of the plight of HIV/AIDS and drug addiction cases, we have provided the most appropriate and professional medical and nursing care. Regardless of whether HIV/AIDS or drug addiction cases require professional assistance in order to tide over the difficult period of illness, we will move towards a more stable and healthy life.

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