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International Collaboration

Cooperating with our national government to build up a medical diplomacy, NTUH has been working at aiding some developing countries to improve their medical and health quality. In the past, NTUH had sent medical teams to Libya, Saudi Arabia, and Swaziland offering medical services with remarkable results.

In recent years, NTUH has signed collaborative agreements with some major hospitals in Vietnam. NTUH is not only conducting various medical collaborative projects with Vietnam, but also has earned a good reputation for training Vietnamese physicians, sharing new medical and research information, creating telecommunication teaching and medical services in Vietnam. In 2007, the liver transplantation team of NTUH was invited by Viet-duc hospital, and successfully helped to accomplish the first case of adult liver transplant in Vietnam. Meanwhile, NTUH has developed a window of contact to cooperatively gather information about newly emerging and re-emerging diseases such as SARS and avian flu as a precaution against possible or looming outbreaks. This will serve our common goal of the prevention against epidemics.

Additionally, NTUH has established exchange programs with the world’s leading hospital systems to improve our own medical research and education systems. In accordance with the mutually beneficial exchange, our hospital has many concrete goals for the pursuit of international exchange projects such as training and educating of medical students, attending physicians, and registered nurses. This includes Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Rochester, the University of Washington at Seattle in the United States and the University of Alberta in Canada, among others.



Last modified at 2018/04/13
Data from International Medical Service Center